The stadium is a place where you race against 4 enemies for experience, gold coins and ability points.

Stadium Edit

Race time go for the best time of anti idle play against the computer or even yourself p.s anti idle is not responable for any damages done to keyboard

Solo ModeEdit

On this mode, if you win on the highest possible difficulty, you will get an ability point. Every time you win, you get a higher difficulty setting. If you play a lower difficulty setting, you will get some experience and gold and you might have a chance of getting an ability point.

Solo ModeEdit

This mode is basically a time trial mode in which you try to get the fastest time. You will get some experience and gold and may have a chance to get an ability point.

Bet ModeEdit

This mode is where you put money on one of the four players and see if they will win. If they do, you get double your bet, if they don't you get nothing. It is also possible to get an ability point if you win the bet. However, if you bet 320k or more and win, you will be guaranteed an ability point.


To increase your high score it is a good idea to tap as fast as you can by using two hands and alternating between 4 fingers. It will increase your speed and make sure you won't tire.