The Button Machine is a feature in Anti-Idle: The Game. It is buyable at the Feature Shop if you are at least level 50, and it costs 125,000 Yellow Coins. The button machine itself is simply a big, red button that, when clicked, slowly moves side to side. When the button is clicked, it will display a phrase depending on how close the click is to the very center of the button. In order from farthest to closest, they are: Hit, Good!, Nice!, Great!, EXCELLENT!, and PERFECT!. The close the button is clicked to the center, the better rewards the button will dish out. If an EXCELLENT click is achieved, the player receives the reward, as well as 1 Blue Coin. If a PERFECT! click is achieved, the player receives the rewards, 3 Blue Coins, as well as adding 1% of all boosts. If the button is clicked enough, the background will turn red. A few clicks later, the button breaks and disappears from the screen. In order to repair it, one needs to click on the repair button and must pay a small fee of a few thousand coins.